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Everyone deserves to be loved and cared for, so does your car! That's why we make your visit a breeze: from tire rotation, tire swaps, tire packages to oil changes and other car maintenance. Following are the three pillars we base all our services on to generate smiles from our customers.


We can only provide the fastest auto services in the business, because of our years of knowledge and experience.


We love what we do and the customers, like you, we serve. As stated in our mission we are out to collect smiles.


Vehicles are expensive and need to be maintained. We only service what you need and explain why.

“ I won't be getting an oil change anywhere else!  ”

  Amanda K.

Your one quick stop shop!

We are fast, friendly, and affordable.  We have years of experience, knowledge, and love what we do. If you are looking for Oil & Lube, Tires and Tire services, Rust Proofing, Fluids, Filters and Flushes, Internal detailing, and External detailing we are here for you.  Contact us today to discuss your vehicle. No need for appointments and walk ins are welcome.

Oil Changes & Lubrication  

All our oil changes are warranty approved and are done very quickly to have you back on the road. Have your vehicle running smoothly with our oil, lube, and filter service, quick and easy.

Fluids, Filters and Flushes  

We can provide all your fluid and flushes maintenance requirements. Coolant flush, transmission flushes and all your fluid maintenance needs taken care at our one stop shop. 

Auto Detailing  

We offer interior and exterior detailing packages for cars, vans, suvs, and trucks as well as anything else you want detailed. We are a certified Nanolex Canada ceramic coating installer.

The Lube Shop Detailing, Tires and so much more. Car in front of shop.

  Tire Services

We are a tire dealer and can source new tires for any type of vehicle from economy to ultra high performance tires. We also provide full tire services such as tire rotation, tire balancing, tire repair and tire swaps.

  Rust Proofing

For our rust proofing we use Corrosion Free, which bonds with the metal through its unique polarity. A light coating is required, to prevent oxygen and water from penetrating this bond, stopping rust and corrosion.

  So Much More...

We are a full-service shop for all your automotive needs. So, if you don't see it here it doesn't mean we don't do it.  Please contact us to discuss what you need for your car, van, suv, truck, taxi, bus, or anything else you drive.

“ Honest and will tell you what needs to be done and what can wait.  ”

  Ian M.

Come in today to have interior and exterior detailing done.

We have years of development time and experience into your process for interior and exterior automotive detailing. Let us transform your car, truck, suv, van, taxi, bus, and anything else you drive. You can see for yourself below the transformation which can happen.

Proprietary Techniques

Our proprietary secret techniques to performing your auto interior and exterior detailing is what makes everything shine better and look newer than you can get anywhere else.

Quality Products

We have hand selected, through many years of trial and error, the best quality products and together with some of our own formulas. All are safe on all materials and super effective in doing the detailing job to perfection.

Effective Solutions

We have seen it all and trust us when we say we can solve your interior or exterior issues such as ground in dirt, scratches, trash and all the other things which makes you want to sell your car tomorrow.  Don't sell, let us do the detailing and you will be amazed.


“ We had our car detailed and the car looks fabulous. ”

  Jennifer M.